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+ tv continuity
+ commercials
+ live events
+ games
+ audio books

My work as a voiceover artist splits neatly into three:

When I’m not presenting in vision, I don the lofty title of ‘Voice Of God’ (the beard helps) and head backstage to narrate the fashion shows that I style.

In addition, I’ve been a continuity announcer since 2011. Over the years I’ve written and voiced both live and pre recorded content for Channel 5, Sky Living It, Sky Living HD, Real Lives and I’m currently the male voice of Pick TV. The end goal is to be that sofa buddy who loves to binge a box set just like you do.

Lastly, there are times when my own voice hits the showers and a character needs to clock in. From a chirpy scouser to a diva cockney parrot, they’re real and they’re far from subtle.

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