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styling :

+ advertising campaigns
+ fashion shows
+ live events
+ personalities

It all started with a handful of clients back in the days when people thought that two prints worn at the same time looked a bit ‘busy’. My ethos has always been, ‘Never underestimate the power of an outfit’, fashion is about finding your stride and strutting it your way.

After a few freelance years, I was approached by a high street brand to design their VIP service and take on the role of head stylist in the flagship store. Whilst there, I rustled up outfits for celebrities, press and public alike, making sure each was given a gentle nudge in the right direction. I was then scouted to be a trend spotter for two large fashion brands outside the U.K. After that, the freelance life beckoned once again and I set up EffortMade. I’ve been styling adverts, fashion shows, artists and campaigns ever since. The shopping addiction paid off.

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